Department: Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering

Area: Botany

Research group: Sistemática y Evolución Vegetal


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PAIDI Areas: Biology and Biotechnology, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

PhD programs: Biodiversidad y Biología de la Conservación

Doctor by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide with the thesis Sistemática, evolución y biogeografía de la familia Resedaceae 2009. Supervised by Dr. Modesto Luceño Garcés, Dr. Pablo Vargas Gómez, Dr. Virginia Valcárcel.

I am an associate professor and researcher at Botany Area of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering at Pablo de Olavide University (Seville, Spain). My main research interests are on systematics and evolution of angiosperms, using multidisciplinar approaches ranging from classic taxonomy to molecular phylogenetics and phylogenomics, estimation of divergence times, cytogenetic and niche evolution, phylo- and biogeographic analyses.