Pragmatics Applied to Language Teaching and Learning

  1. Gómez Morón, Reyes coord.
  2. Fernández Amaya, Lucía coord.
  3. Padilla Cruz, Manuel coord.
  4. Hernández López, María de la O coord.

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4438-0972-6 1-4438-0972-1

Year of publication: 2009

Type: Book


This volume presents a wide ranging overview of key theoretical and practical issues, empirical research and various analyses of pragmatic phenomena that will certainly be most useful and helpful to students and researchers in pragmatics and other linguistic disciplines and, of course, to L2 teachers. It is divided into five parts that include chapters addressing cognitive issues on L2 teaching, how and what to teach when dealing with specific speech acts, intercultural aspects of communication, the teaching of languages for academic and specific purposes and some other methodological issues on pragmatics teaching.