New perspectives on (im)politeness and interpersonal communication

  1. Fernández Amaya, Lucía coord.
  2. Hernández López, María de la O coord.
  3. Gómez Morón, Reyes coord.
  4. Padilla Cruz, Manuel coord.
  5. Mejías Borrero, Manuel coord.
  6. Relinque Barranca, Mariana coord.

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4438-4171-9

Year of publication: 2012

Type: Book


New Perspectives on (Im)Politeness and Interpersonal Communication gathers eleven studies by prominent scholars, which explore issues related to (im)politeness in human communication. The study of linguistic (im)politeness is undoubtedly one of the central concerns in the field of pragmatics, as attested to by the numerous conferences and journals currently dedicated to the topic, the various theoretical models and approaches so far developed or developing, and the seemingly endless list of insightful and inspiring empirical studies tackling the topic from a wide variety of angles. This volume purports to contribute to the subfield of social pragmatics by putting together works that review the state of the art of (im)politeness studies, analyse (im)politeness in media contexts like the Internet or dubbed films and other contexts, look into the effects and consequences of some speech acts for social interaction, draw implications for language teaching, or approach some of the linguistic mechanisms helping communicate (im)politeness. Resulting from the efforts made by specialists in the field, the chapters in this volume offer additional evidence that examining the complexity of interpersonal communication from different standpoints can benefit a more complete understanding of social interaction in general. Their scope and practical applications demonstrate the transversality and versatility of interpersonal communication. We hope that these works retain scholars' interest and attention for some time to come and spark off further research.