A motivación dos actos de selección e perda da condición de empregado público

  1. Rocío Navarro González
REGAP: Revista galega de administración pública

ISSN: 1132-8371

Année de publication: 2017

Volumen: 1

Número: 53

Pages: 109-130

Type: Article

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Spanish 39/2015 Act, on Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations, do not substantially modifies the requirement of giving reasons of the administrative decisions concerning selective procedures and competitive concurrency, which has, first, to be in accordance with the rules governing the public announcement of selection, and second, to express the grounds of the decision, either with a single motivation for each interested party, either with a referral to the record. The increasing of selective administrative procedures that lack enough public notice enforce the duty of giving reasons, as a way to improve public transparency, and to enforce constitutional rights. Concerning public employment, to give reasons of the administrative decision is a key piece, that shows some specialities in the cases of access and cessation of civil servants.