Análisis de las políticas y prácticas interculturales en España y MéxicoAportes para la formación en competencias interculturales críticas

  1. Antolínez Domínguez, Inmaculada
Globalización y Pluralidad cultural

Publisher: Cátedra Intercultural ; Universidad de Córdoba

Year of publication: 2014

Congress: Jornadas sobre Investigación e Innovación para la Interculturalidad (3. 2014. Córdoba)

Type: Conference paper


This paper summarizes some of the main ideas of a doctoral thesis defended in 2013. The purpose was analyzing the processes of construction of difference and inequality in the context of intercultural education regarding foreign population in Spain and indigenous people in Mexico. We present the theoretical underpinnings, the methodology of qualitative analysis, the educational policies related to multiculturalism in both countries as well as two educational experiences. The main results will focus on how otherness is constructed, how interculturalism is understood and how it is implemented. Finally, we present the strength factors of managing cultural diversity from the paradigm of diversity and conclude with a proposal for training in critical intercultural competences.