Accessibility of vulnerability Groupsfrom ICTS to Emotions

  1. Carmen Burgos Videla coord.
  2. Eloy López Meneses coord.
  3. Carlos Hervás Gómez coord.
  4. Mariano Reyes Tejedor coord.

Publisher: Dykinson

ISBN: 978-84-1377-787-0 84-1377-787-9

Year of publication: 2021

Type: Book


The Educational Intervention in highly diverse social contexts shows the need for improvisation of professionals with high training levels and in many cases a remarkable professional background. This book, entitled: "Accessibility of vulnerability groups: from ICTs to emotions" aims to respond to the situations experienced by professionals and vulnerable groups from a socio-scientific perspective. The publication is made up of nine chapters, of which 8 of them present studies of teaching experiences and one of them a systematic review of the integration of ICTs in education. Therefore, we want to highlight the great professional challenge in these post-pandemic times that consists of ensuring that students are trained in safe contexts to grow safely and creatively