Las aportaciones del flamenco al ballet

  1. María Gabriela Estrada
Supervised by:
  1. Cristina Cruces Roldán Director
  2. Eulalia María Pablo Lozano Director
  3. Macarena Navarro-Pablo Tutor

Defence university: Universidad de Sevilla

Year of defence: 2016

  1. Francisco Javier Escobar Borrego Chair
  2. Rocío Plaza-Orellana Secretary
  3. Ana María Díaz Olaya Committee member
  4. Juan Manuel Suárez Japón Committee member
  5. Alfonso Vargas Macías Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 447997 DIALNET lock_openIdus editor


Artistic collaborations between flamenco and ballet have had positive results, short and long-term, in the evolution of these dance genres, their repertoire, and education programs. This dissertation analyzes the collaboration of flamenco dance artists in internationally recognized ballet companies in the process of creating Spanish ballet repertoire. This study connects the impact these collaborations had on ballet dancers and choreographers in these companies that motivated them to include flamenco or Spanish dance studies in the ballet schools affiliated to the companies they eventually directed. The dissertation’s case study focuses on the impact flamenco dancer Félix Fernández had on the Ballet Russes, particularly on Léonide Massine, in the process of creating Le Tricorne, and follows the subsequent choreography and production of Spanish ballet and flamenco repertoire that he inspired.