Procedimiento para mejorar la cadena inversa con la metodología Seis Sigma

  1. Puerto Díaz, Oisleydis 3
  2. Suárez Ordaz, Daiana Ivis 4
  3. Dubé Santana, Marialys 5
  4. Hevia Lanier, Francis 1
  5. Lima López, Agnelio 2
  1. 1 Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría-CUJAE
  2. 2 Centro de Información y Gestión Tecnológica. CIGET
  3. 3 Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas

    Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas

    La Habana, Cuba


  4. 4 Universidad de Pinar del Río

    Universidad de Pinar del Río

    Pinar del Río, Cuba


  5. 5 Empresa de Servicios Automotores

ISSN: 1562-3297

Ano de publicación: 2014

Volume: 16

Número: 3

Páxinas: 235-246

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Avances


The investigation approaches the design and application of the "Procedure for the Improvement of the Inverse Chain of Supply ", being based on the methodology Six Sigma, specifically in the strategy DMAMC (to Define-measure-analyze-improve-control); to minimize the existent residuals in the processes negotiating them efficiently, having a favorable impact on the environment and to reduce the costs. The procedure consists of three elements: the entrances (I Model of Reference of the Logistics Inverse-MRLI, I Square of Integral Control of Logistics Inverse-CMILI), the five stages (Definition, Measure, Analysis, Improvement and Control) and the exit (it Programs of Improvement). The obtained results of the application of the procedure for the improvement of the Inverse Chain of Supply of Sodas, fundamentally in the process of recovery of the aluminum containers (you beat of soda of 355 ml) they validate the theories outlined in each one of the stages, reporting big economic benefits, increasing the satisfaction of the clients, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness in the chain.