Evaluación del impacto del ayuno en Ramadán en el estilo de vida y salud

  1. Asma Agoumi
  2. María Jesús Oliveras López
  3. F. Martínez Martínez
  4. Herminia López García de la Serrana
Revista española de nutrición comunitaria = Spanish journal of community nutrition

ISSN: 1135-3074

Year of publication: 2023

Volume: 29

Issue: 4

Type: Article

DOI: 10.14642/RENC.2014.20.4.5027 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Background: During Ramadan individuals abstain totally from drinking and eating from sunrise to sunset. The principal objective of this study is to evaluate how the precept of Ramadan influences food habits, sleeping, physical activities, and daily routines and occupations, and determine the variety and frequency of some symptoms and pathologies. Methods: A data was collected by questioning 200 volunteers muslims in the period of Ramadan. They indicated they were fasting. The questionnaire asked about the food habits of these individuals, their sleeping patterns, daily and physical activities, and the variety of pathologies and symptomologies. Results: Due to an inadequate hygiene of life, Ramadan fasting can change radically food habits, influences addictions, alters the nature of sleeping, reduces the rhythm of daily occupation and physical activities; influences the state of mind and rises irritation (42%), increases the frequency of headache (49%) and nauseas (34%); alters the memory (17%) and the concentration (18%) , increases the occurrence of ingestion illnesses, gastric acidity and digestive problems (40%), constipation (36%) , flatulency and dyspepsia (36%) , decreases the corporal temperature (49%) and provokes mouth dryness in almost all individuals (73%). Dental troubles (30%) and halitosis (39%) are some of Ramadan consequences. Conclusions: So often the great impact of Ramadan may have on the health is primordial. Inform, prevent, educate and enhance to the maximum the life hygiene during this period is the solution.