La ansiedad ante los exámenes desde una perspectiva conductualprotocolo de intervención psicológica en el ámbito universitario

  1. Francisco Mariano García Torres
  2. Irene Martínez Gallego
  3. Miguel Ángel Maldonado Herves
  4. Alberto Álamo 1
  5. Francisco José Alós Cívico
  1. 1 Universidad de Córdoba

    Universidad de Córdoba

    Córdoba, España


Psicología general sanitaria: textos aplicados para la práctica terapéutica
  1. Alós, Francisco J. (coord.)
  2. Moreno, Eliana (comp.)
  3. García-Torres, Francisco (comp.)
  4. Castillo Mayén, María del Rosario (comp.)

Publisher: Departamento de Psicología ; Universidad de Córdoba ; Editorial Mora Mora

ISBN: 978-84-946931-2-0

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 300-315

Type: Book chapter


Anxiety during the time of exams is a problem that has emerged with particular force in recent years and is increasingly widespread in today’s Western society. The number of students, who describe feeling anxious, continue to grow as academic demands andthe spirit of competition increases. In this chapter, we describe a protocol of psychological intervention to address this problem, elaborated from the behavioural perspective.From this conceptual approach, it is emphasized that the derived demands from studydirectly affects the reduction in opportunities for reinforcing activities, whether carriedout individually or in groups. These conditions thus become facilitating or precipitatingfactors for the increased levels of anxiety.