Department: Organización de Empresas y Marketing

Research centre: Laboratorio de innovación empresarial, emprendimiento y empresa familar (INN-LAB)

Area: Business Management

Research group: Nuevos retos en la creación y la gestión de empresas


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Áreas PAIDI: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Programas de doctorado: Innovación, Emprendimiento y Empresa Familiar

Doctor by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide with the thesis Innovative capability from a knowledge based view (capacidad innovadora desde una visión de la empresa basada en el conocimiento) 2007. Supervised by Dr. Johan Wiklund, Dr. Ramón Valle.

Ana Pérez-Luño is a Full Professor at Pablo de Olavide University (UPO; Seville) and a Doctor Europaeus awarded with an Outstanding Cum Laude qualification. She has been a visiting pre-doctoral research scholar at Jönköping University (Sweden), a visiting post-doctoral research scholar at Syracuse University (USA), at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA), at King’s College London (UK) and at TU Dublin (Ireland). Ana Pérez-Luño has equally taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has been the principal investigator of three national competitive research projects, and is currently leading three competitive projects. Professor Pérez-Luño has participated in many competitive research projects and is currently taking part in an international research project. Among other international projects, she belongs to the INN-LAB Research Centre (, promotes the ECREABIEN (, and is participating in the GEM Project. As a result, she has published 28 scientific papers, 3 book chapters, a number of chapters in conference proceedings and has taken part in over 80 conferences. She has won several awards and Scholarships. Pérez-Luño is the editor of the "Working papers" platform of her department at the UPO. She chaired the "7th Eastern Academy of Management Conference” and has participated in the organising committee of several conferences and workshops at UPO. Pérez-Luño’s research interests have evolved over time. Her first contributions date back to her doctoral dissertation and address the question of how different contingencies, knowledge, human resources, high-performance work practices, as well as market and entrepreneurial orientation influence innovation generation, innovation adoption, and company success. Over the last 8 years, she has combined her original line of interest with another field: the psychological variables of students, managers and entrepreneurs that lead to creativity, innovation, and business success. Within this latter subject, the professor has focused on mental health, i.e., mental disorders such as ADHD and stress, and positive mental health behaviours, e.g., wellbeing and Psychological Capital. Professor Pérez-Luño has occupied a range of institutional positions. She teaches “Innovation Management”, “General Management” (in which 50% of the contents are related to human resources) and “Research Skills” to undergraduates. She also teaches “New trends in Management”, “Management Fundamentals and Initiation to Econometrics” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at a Master level at the UPO and Almería Universities. She was responsible for teaching Innovation as both an undergraduate and Master subject at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (New Jersey).